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Aniket Patel

Corporates affairs CEPT ALUMNUS; B.TECH (CIVIL)
‘Business is more about people and problem than paise and products.’
Aniket Patel graduated from CEPT University in 2017 with a bachelor’s in Technology of Civil construction with an Honors degree His pro activeness to learn and grow contributed to his in depth experience in the field of construction and building technology With the countless roles that he got to play, he has had the opportunity to mature and refine his skills over time and gained a direction and perspective in varied fields and tasks to incorporate a fluid momentum in the entire process of production
Having spent most of his time working in the construction business he was exposed to different materials, people and spaces that helped to further dive deeper and build his relationship and expertise in corporate affairs to create products that would add more value to the users An excellent communicator, leader, global thinker, Aniket chooses to closely follow the overall perception of the company and combine the best strategies for the company