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Naman Shukla

Procurement & Production CEPT ALUMNUS; B.TECH (CIVIL)

‘The difference between good and bad design is the time you spend on it.’

Born in Ahmedabad and brought up in a quaint town of Bhavnagar, Naman Shukla completed his Bachelor’s in Civil Construction from CEPT University in 2017 With two years of experience in the construction field, Naman has taken every opportunity to develop his entrepreneurial as well as business management skill and is bridging the gap between concepts and final products
Naman plays a vital role in understanding the design and making sure the execution is on point He perceives designs as a collective fragment of experiences and turns it into products that can cater to the wide range from mundane to profound He specializes in product development at the intersection of design and production Naman’s unbeatable dedication and discipline always enhances his creativity to come up with unique ideas while his perseverance translates them into reality